Additive Color Ensemble

Flute, Saxophone, and Piano

We create thoughtful social experiences through experimenting with and creating new music.


About Us

The Additive Color Ensemble likes all things new. Comprised of flutist Brian Allred, saxophonist David Berrios, and pianist Kai Ono, the trio was formed at the University of Kansas to create and perform unique programs of new music, with an emphasis on stylistic diversity and community outreach. Despite being a freshly formed group, the trio has already engaged in multiple projects, including a performance at the Society of Composers, Inc. Student National Conference, premiering Kai’s piece written specifically for the Additive Color Ensemble “A Tibetan Monk in Times Square”. The trio has taken its disadvantages of uncommon instrumentation and turned them into advantages, organizing a reading session, arranging pieces written for other instruments to create unique renditions, and introducing improvisation as significant elements of their programs. The trio collaborated with the Lied Center of Kansas’ educational outreach program to expose elementary school children to the performer’s career, a composer’s life, the unique blend of saxophone-flute-piano, and what new music is. They further developed as teaching artists as participants at Ensemble Connect's Audience Engagement Institute at Carnegie Hall. As for the additive colors, Brian is red, David is green, and Kai is blue. For now.  



Name: Brian Allred

Instrument: Flutes

Hometown: Plano, TX

Role in ACE: Pragmatist (or the one to shut you down)

Pastime: Coming up with unlikely business ventures

Interests: Cats and vegan desserts

Pleasure listening: Folk, indie pop

Name: David Berrios

Instrument: Saxophones

Hometown: Lakewood, NJ

Role in ACE: Comic relief, often at his own expense

Current listening: Gregory Porter's Nat King Cole and Me
Non-music inspiration: Joe Rogan
Relaxation routine: Cook, then eat 

Name: Kai Ono

Instrument: Keyboards

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Role in ACE: Provides encouragement

Special abilities: Can sleep anywhere

Best dish: Thai curry

Non-music pastime: Games, of any kind